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Message from Kanta Kapoor

I am deeply honoured to reach out to you on the occasion of Culture Days. It is a time of immense joy and pride for our library as we prepare to host a series of events celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures that define our community.


Culture is the heartbeat of our society. It is what makes us unique, yet it is also what binds us together as a community. Our library has always been a place where people from all walks of life can come together to learn, share, and appreciate the diverse cultures that make up our wonderful neighbourhood.

As we embark on this journey of cultural exploration, we invite you to join us for an array of exciting events and activities that have been carefully curated to reflect the beauty and diversity of our community. Our commitment to fostering unity and celebrating diversity has never been stronger. We believe that by coming together to appreciate and learn from one another, we can build bridges of understanding and strengthen the bonds that tie us as a community.

I would like to acknowledge our ongoing partnership with Ontario Culture Days and with Arts Milton in delivering wonderful programming to our community. I encourage every one of you to participate in Culture Days events, engage with your neighbours, and take this opportunity to celebrate the traditions and stories that make us who we are. Let us come together to learn, respect, and grow as a united community.

Thank you for being an integral part of Milton Public Library and for your continued support. Together, we can create a brighter and more harmonious future.


Kanta Kapoor,


Interim – Chief Librarian

Link takes you to the Culture Days page on Arts Milton's website.
Programming at MPL
Link takes you to the registration page for the Mad Hatters Tea Party on Oct 14 at Main Library.
Link takes you learn more about the Put Pen to Paper Short Story Contest.
Link takes you to learn more about how to apply for the local student art fair at Main library on October 11 at 6pm.
Link takes you to learn more about the Local Art Fair on September 23 at 10am at Main Library.
From our partners at Arts Milton.
Link takes you to the Culture Days page of Arts Milton's website to learn more.
Link takes you to the Culture Days page of Arts Milton's website to learn more about the Ved and Friends exhibit.
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